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Cooltechno has been established to become a renowned, leading company in IT and software provision. Our team of talented experts has the passion and skills to transform the most challenging concepts and visions in to fully functioning software applications, platforms and IT solutions. We have combined decades if experience with a broad range of technologies and always follow the latest trends in software and IT development.

Cooltecho utilizes various programming languages, frameworks and technological solutions to create advanced, end-to-end platforms and applications, that are suitable and solve complex problems with in numerous industries. At the core of our principles is a strong enthusiasm for IT solutions – we always work towards building the most efficient networks, infrastructure and systems of software and hardware tools.


Cooltecho’s services and platforms can be implemented seamlessly within existing software infrastructures.

Turnkey Functionality

Our solutions and products are designed to work with minimal installation and synchronization requirements.

Complete Stability

We always position reliability and stability as main priorities in the performance of our software and IT services.

Highly Customizable

No matter the industry or scale of your business, Cooltecho is committed to always deliver client-tailored solutions.

exactly what you need. precisely how you want.

As a start, Cooltecho specialized in Web Development for both mobile and desktop, where our team can simultaneously design the most elegant, intuitive website outlook, while the web developers ensure of the total stability, reliability and usability. We also provide custom application development and a number of platform solutions.

Cooltecho’s team are true wizard when it comes to customer relationship management, where we have created a proprietary platform of unmatched functionality. Our company offers system integration and management services, so to provide end-to-end services to our partners who wish to progress their business venture as efficiently as possible.

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