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Cooltechno has been established to become a renowned, leading company in IT and software provision. Our team of talented experts has the passion and skills to transform the most challenging concepts and visions in to fully functioning software applications, platforms and IT solutions. We have combined decades if experience with a broad range of technologies and always follow the latest trends in software and IT development.

Cooltecho utilizes various programming languages, frameworks and technological solutions to create advanced, end-to-end platforms and applications, that are suitable and solve complex problems with in numerous industries. At the core of our principles is a strong enthusiasm for IT solutions – we always work towards building the most efficient networks, infrastructure and systems of software and hardware tools.

Merge Business Intelligence and Marketing with a Single Platform

Cooltecho’s CRM platform is developed to provide unmatched functionality by incorporating a variety of features a business requires to manage its interaction with end-users. Track customer behavior, affiliate activity and sales targets, among many more with Cooltecho’s CRM. Our solution is ease to be integrated within existing systems or added as a standalone product with complete functionality and security characteristics.

Merge Business Intelligence and Marketing with a Single Platform

The relationship your business creates with its clients is paramount to its longevity. This is why Cooltecho’s CRM solution allows you to compile data for your user through all available communication channels including e-mail, telephone, social media, affiliate networks, marketing material and company webpages. Cooltecho enables you to get the full picture on your clients’ demands and address their needs and desires.

Our platform is purely data-driven, which allows you to access a broad range of information, that helps you analyze customer behavior and spot purchasing trends and pattern with your market segment. Cooltecho’s CRM is suitable for both past, existing and prospective customers, while on the other hand it presents an effective bridge between various company departments with its great functionality. Whether it is about automating advertising flows to engage with customers or scan sales volumes, Cooltecho has the all-inclusive platform available.