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The selection of software services Cooltecho offers aim to provide a technological resolution for a variety of undertakings your business needs to tackle. We possess a wide variety of skills to assist you with technical, creative and business development enterprises, including software development, platform integration and management services.

Desktop and mobile
app development

Applications are quickly becoming a standard feature for virtually any business and organization wishing to engage better with their audience. Cooltecho specializes in the development of both native and hybrid applications of supreme quality, thanks to adopting industry-leading frameworks and programming trends. The software solutions we provide always uphold safety, security and reliability as main features.

Regardless of the purpose of your application, Cooltecho has the knowledge and experience address your concerns by building tailored, from-the-ground-up software of complete stability. We are always looking to employ the most appropriate software technology, so to optimize development times and costs, while simultaneously following our partners’ briefs and goals to the fullest.

Ux/ui design

A smooth user experience and an intuitive user interface go hand in hand when it comes to meeting your targets in terms of increasing your clients and expanding your business. Cooltecho’s team includes talented, experienced UI/UX professionals, who know how to attract customers’ attention and lead naturally through the buying process. Our designers create elegant layouts, which make clients feel at ease interacting with your brand, while the user experience tactic we employ are second to none in navigating users to complete a purchase. We also aim to add value to customer experience by striking the balance between being informative, entertaining and advertorial all at the same time.

Management Services

Cooltecho’s management services include a range of solutions to help you better focus on your core offering, products and services, as we manage technical operations and specific projects. Our team offers you expert management solutions  – not only can he aid with completing strict deadlines and optimizing workflows, but Cooltecho can also introduce innovative, yet highly efficient procedures. Cooltecho is never afraid to take full ownership and responsibility of multi-stage projects and processes, where technical knowledge and time-management are essential for our partners’success.

Blockchain solutions

With blockchain firmly at the fore front of recent technological advances, Cooltecho is happy to be an innovator in this exciting field. Our team is fascinated with the endless possibilities for business development that blockchain-based solutions bring and is proud to offer our expertise to partners. Whether you need a private or a public blockchain solution to facilitate a large amount of transactions and data exchanges, Cooltecho has the skills to build a custom, decentralized network of high efficiency, total reliability and to client specifications and needs.

Web Development

Thanks to Cooltecho’s creative approach and vision, our team can deliver outstanding websites to our partners in terms of both layout and functionality. We are adept with a whole host of programming languages and frameworks, when it comes to website creation. All of our web development work is custom and takes in to account the latest principle in responsiveness and general user experience.

At the same time, Cooltecho can implement countless features in your website to serve the exact purposes you need. Whether an e-commerce store or company website to showcase your brand, Cooltecho can seamlessly produce the online presence you have always imagines.

System Integration

Cooltecho’s software solutions include assisting you with implementing a specific platform or system within your existing software and hardware infrastructure. Whether you need to utilize and link a marketing platform to organize and distribute advertising material or need to utilize a specific tool such as budgeting and account firmware, Cooltecho is by your side to help you avoid any downtown and guarantee the secure functionality. Our team can help you with integrating both existing, established platforms as well as tailored solutions, that may require custom software integration and testing.

Lead and Customer Tracking

One of the main services Cooltecho provides is lead and customer tracking to help you manage the flow of prospective and existing clients in the most effective manner. Our software solution will help you identify customer behavior patterns and tendencies, so you best address your audiences’ needs and promote your products. Our lead and customer tracking solution distinguishes itself with how easy it is to operate and navigate through, while at the same time displaying crucial information in a clear and concise fashion. Furthermore, this software solution can be easily implemented and set-up with other existing software tools you operate completely securely.


For our partners, who seek to establish operations in the financial services and trading sectors, Cooltecho can provide MT4 and MT5 integrating solutions and facilitation. As the most well-known and established software trading platforms, MT4 and MT5 can be extremely successful in attracting a vast user-base, but however need specialist assistance to reach full usability and functionality. Cooltech will ensure MT4 and MT5 trading solutions are totally compatible with your existing software and platforms, so to guarantee the smooth operations of your entire venture.

Business Intelligence

As identifying and penetrating new, existing and niche markets becomes an ever more difficult challenge, Cooltecho’s team of experts can assist you with personal business intelligence. We can help you spot emerging market trends, analyze competition and advise on the most demanded product and services. We can also help you with projecting financial flows and business growth anytime you need help with navigating your venture or optimizing spending. Cooltecho’s business intelligence and development team have insight in numerous growing and upcoming industries, where our entrepreneurial partners can seek development.

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